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My name is Mike Ntambwe (a.k.a Nathan mike). I am working in IT since more than 15years as system administrator/engineer in the most well-known platform like Unix/Linux and windows.
Through all those years, I have endorsed the following roles:

=> System installation/administration (PXE boot, Jumpstart, unattended, kickstart or from scratch, user management, SElinux, LDAP, iptables, DNS …)
=> Cluster (HA) installation/administration (Sun Cluster, VERITAS)
=> System monitoring (Team Quest, Nagios, Shell scripting)
=> Database installation/administration (Oracle, MySQL)
=> Data protection installation/administration/design (Legato Networker, Netbackup)
=> Virtualization (Vmware, KVM and Hyper-V)
=> Security (Linux hardening, Solaris (ssh) …)
=> Web development (PHP, MySQL)
=> Windows system administration/installation (DC, user profile, roll-out …)

I have worked with different hardware vendor like Sun Microsystem (E4500, U5/10, Sunblade, SunFire 280/480/880/440), Oracle (M300/5000 and Tseries), HP (DL380), Fujistsu-Siemens (RX300 S6/7), Tape Libraries (L25/100, SLK3000, T10000) and collaborate as technical expert in the many projects:

=> Y2K and NT4 migration (Gecotec)
=> Number portability (Mach)
=> Legato Networker integration (Globalport)
=> Converged Billing system integration (Comverse)
=> Linux deployment (IAM Oracle)
=> Data protection solution integration (Symantec NetBackup)

Since 2010, I started my own business as freelance and achieve the following project:

=> Comverse-One billing system integration (Mobistar, Telenet and Orange Luxembourg)
=> CCBM2 (financial) at NBB
=> IAM (oracle) at NBB
=> QA platform deployment with Solaris 10
=> Linux (Redhat) integration and deployment using kickstart at NBB
=> Symantec data protection solution integration/deployment at NBB with appliances 50xx/52xx